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New rules for Ariel Castro's mail and phone privileges

Ariel Castro Ariel Castro

More records have been released from jail guards monitoring Ariel Castro and they show he is under new restrictions for using the phone and sending out mail.

Records say Castro can only write to his mother and sister and those are the only people he is permitted to call, too.

Jail rules now specially state he cannot have any 3-way conversations. Guards are to listen in on his phone calls and if they hear anyone else on the phone, they are supposed to end the call. Guards even have to dial the phone for him.

Jail records show these rules have been instituted by the judge in the case, although it's not clear exactly why.

Otherwise, Castro's activity seems routine. Lots of sleeping and watching TV, but there were also two times were Castro was seen jogging and exercising in his cell.

At one point, he asked for nail clippers. In recent weeks, we've also seen other times when he has been concerned about his personal grooming.

Last week, the court psychiatric clinic was scheduled to evaluate Castro for his competency to stand trial. Doctors have 10 days to produce a report, and then the judge on the case will make the final decision on whether or not he is competent to stand trial.

Castro is accused of holding Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus captive in his Cleveland house for years before they were rescued on May 6.

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