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Future of Irish Hills landmark at stake

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Somecall them a historic landmark, others call them dangerous – the Irish Hillstowers in Lenawee County may soon be taken down.

"Ittears at my heartstrings," said Donna Boglarsky, president of the Irish HillsHistorical Society. "At this point, with the way pieces were falling off thebuilding, that it was a danger to traffic going by and to the residents."

ButBoglarsky and others say they can't imagine the Irish Hills community withoutthe towers.

CambridgeTownship officials gave the historical society, owners of the structure, untilAugust 1 to make them more stable, so now Boglarsky says they're doingeverything they can to meet that deadline. She says most of the problems werecoming from the upper portion of the towers, so crews are tearing that partdown and will put a temporary roof on.

Hopefully,that will buy the society enough time to raise money for a more permanentupgrade. Boglarsky says she doesn't want the towers torn down completely, andothers in the area say they feel the same way.

"Idon't want them gone," said Dolores Cecile, who lives near the towers. "There'sa lot of emotional ties. Not just from my family, but the residents in thearea."

Iftownship officials still deem the towers unsafe on August 1, the owners will berequired to apply for a demolition permit and have them torn down by October 1.

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