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Police officer saves newborn baby’s life


A Chamblee family is grateful to a police officer who they said saved their newborn baby's life after she was born not breathing.

Mother Ulbia Perez-Lopez said she didn't feel much pain when baby Sharlyn literally popped out of her on her family's living room floor. Her husband, Aniba, called 911 in a panic.

Officer Beth Frye came with a partner while an ambulance was on its way to find baby Sharlyn blue and not breathing.

"Honestly, I had a scare come across me and I was like, ‘We gotta get this baby to breathe,'" Frye said.

Frye said she then put to use emergency first aid training that she'd gotten a refresher course on just a few weeks before.

"I took the baby, and I put her in my arms," Frye said. "I held her down and just started cleaning the mucus out. As soon as we got a little bit out she started crying a little bit. So I was like, ‘Come on, just keep crying.'"

An ambulance eventually arrived, taking baby Sharlyn and her mother to a hospital, where she'd intended on having the baby in the first place.

Perez-Lopez told CBS Atlanta's Sonia Moghe in Spanish that she hadn't had much pain when baby Sharlyn had suddenly popped out. She said that she'd been out for a walk just before the delivery, something she said she was told would help the baby come out more quickly.

Perez-Lopez said she didn't realize her baby would come out as quickly as she did but is glad that she is safe.

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