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Texting 911 – the way of the future?

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Texting911 during emergencies could become a reality soon. Currently, two sheriff'soffices in our area – Ottawa and Wood counties – have the technology to make ithappen.

Theproblem is the cell phone industry. They haven't figured out a standardizedformat for how the texts would be presented or routed to dispatchers. Untilthat happens, texting 911 isn't possible.

WoodCounty Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says to think of it like a business card.

"Howmuch space, and where are you going to put the actual information for the textmessage? Where is that going to be?" he asked.

Theother problem to sort out is where the text would actually go. What happens ifthe sender is traveling and crosses county lines?

"Whenthis text message comes through, it's gotta go back to that same operator,otherwise…you may be getting, every time you send a text message, a differentoperator," the sheriff said.

Whilethere are still many unanswered questions, people seem to like the idea ofbeing able to text for help.

"Youngkids today don't necessarily dial to talk to people," said Debbie Mills. "They'rea lot faster with the text. The whole conversation could be a lot faster if youuse a text rather than dial and speak to someone."

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