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Your Week in Viral Videos: A dead president and a kid who loves worms

(Source: Kevin Ambrose/YouTube) (Source: Kevin Ambrose/YouTube)

(RNN) - If you need advice on how to weather a terrible storm, just ask Thomas Jefferson.

Obviously, you can't literally ask him, but you can ask his statue.

Confused yet? Washington Post storm chaser Kevin Ambrose's video of a 2012 derecho will explain what's going on.

Making earthworms cool

And if there's anyone that can do it, it's a little boy with freckles and a slight lisp.

Earthworms eat everything - including newspaper - but they won't touch milk, meat and cheese.

Like seriously, who knows this? Little Michael does, and thanks to him, now you do, too.

Maymo's shopping cart adventure

Your Week in Viral Videos has featured Maymo the beagle before, but only in a solo capacity.

Now he has a partner in crime - his little sister, Penny - and of course, his antics get twice as hilarious.

Dunk heard 'round the world

Video of high school basketball player Christian Terrell posterizing an opponent with a one-handed slam made the rounds on several major sites this week.

The 6'2" guard has not been recruited by any heavyweight schools, according to Yahoo!, and it's doubtful one viral video of a dunk will change that.

Or will it?


Mind-blowing, five-minute science lesson

Biker dude? Not so much

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