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Does It Work: Style Snaps

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Lauren Deis is a stylist and buyer at downtown Toledo boutique Sophie's Sister. She's worked in the fashion industry for a decade, but at just 5-feet, 4-inches tall, she has the same problem a lot of women face.

"All my pants are always too long, so I usually have to get everything hemmed," explained Deis.

We thought she would be the perfect person to test Style Snaps, since makers claim you can change your hem as often as you change your shoes. Style Snaps promise to transform your favorite pants by having the ability to hem for heels and flats.

There is an instruction book that offers an easy step-by-step breakdown. You turn the pants inside out and line up the snaps. Deis fastened four sets on each leg. 

"They're easy to stick on, I just hope they are the right length," said Deis.

It took about five minutes to line up the snaps.

"It's kind of hard to get them even," said Deis.

Once everything was in place, we sent Deis to the fitting room to try them.

"It came undone when I stuck my foot in," said Deis. "[But] I'm excited to wear my flats all day, so hopefully they'll hold up."

You can easily see the difference in length on the leg with the snaps versus without. We had Deis snap both sides and checked back with her after nine hours of wear.

"They actually held up surprisingly well. The hem didn't fall down at all. Overall, I would probably give it a 'B,' and that's only because it leaves the hem a little unfinished," she said. "It looks kind of sloppy, almost like I just tucked it under, instead of getting it hemmed. And you can kind of see the outline of the disc a little bit. But it did what it promised: it held up and lasted the whole day I was on my feet."

The $9.99 Style Snaps sewed up a passing grade in this week's Does It Work test.

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