GUEST EDITORIAL: Wind energy rebuttal

Image courtesy University of Minnesota.
Image courtesy University of Minnesota.

(Toledo News Now) - Hi, I'm Joe DeMare, chair of the Wood County Green Party, and I'm here to tell you what was wrong with Bob Chirdon's editorial, what's right about wind, and what a real, clean energy future will be.

Bob said windmills are noisy and take a lot of room. I invite you to visit Bowling Green's wind farm. You can't hear them a few hundred feet away, and cars going by on Route 6 are noisier. Each turbine's base is only about 14 feet across. Farmers can plant right up to the base.

Bob also said we've never shut down any conventional power plants. That's false. More than 200 coal plants and 14 nuke plants have shut down or will shut down in the next five years.

Wind is growing because it's one of the best ways to make power. Last year, Ohio installed 313 Megawatts, even though wind gets less government subsidies than any other energy.

Wind studies make the power predictable. Iowa now gets 25% of its power from wind, Germany 10%, and Denmark 28%. Ohio's wind potential equals 60 Davis-Besse plants.

Wind is clean, free and safe.

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