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Elaina’s grandfather talks about latest in search

Richard Schiewe Richard Schiewe
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Elaina Steinfurth has been missing since June 2. As family, friends and police spend countless hours searching for the 18-month-old baby girl, it comes as no surprise that her disappearance has taken a toll on all.

"I just wish that I could wake up and this dream would be over with," said Richard Schiewe, Elaina's grandfather.

Schiewe says he hasn't gotten much sleep since Elaina was reported missing, and he says every bit he does get feels like a nightmare.

"I just pray a lot," he said. "I want her to come home, but I just got this gut feeling that she's not."

Schiewe says the past few weeks have turned him into a determined detective, searching frantically for his granddaughter, and acting as a listening ear for his stepdaughter Angela, who now sits in jail, charged with child endangerment and obstructing justice.

He says Angela has now told him she noticed dried blood in Elaina's nose just hours before she was last seen. That, along with other information from Angela, has led Schiewe to believe that an acquaintance of Angela's seriously harmed little Elaina.

"It really, really hurt me that she said that, and that she did not go and seek help for that baby like she should have done," he said.

Schiewe also says tensions are high on both sides of the family, and there's lots of speculation about where Elaina is and why, but he says the only thing that's important to him are the facts, and bringing her home.

"If you can't show the facts, be quiet," he said. "The concern is getting my granddaughter home. Be it if she passed away, or if she's alive. One way or the other, I want her home."

There has been no shortage of rumors or speculations on who is responsible for Elaina's disappearance, but Schiewe says speculating isn't getting the investigation anywhere.

As for Angela's possible part in her daughter's disappearance, Schiewe has his own speculations.

"She didn't do it. She knows exactly who did it. I can't name no names, but it was over there in that Federal Street home," he said. "They know where that baby is at."

And although he's hurting, he says he will continue to support Angela.

"What my daughter did was wrong. I can't forgive, I can't forget," he said. "But I'm not never going to step away from being by her side. That's my daughter. And that's my granddaughter, too."

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