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Surveillance footage shows Elaina before disappearance

New video has surfaced tonight showing Elaina a day before she disappeared.

Elaina and her mother Angela were at a family friend's house on Saturday, just hours before she was last seen.

You can see Angela walk out of the house with elaina in her arms. She stands on the porch and talks on the phone for a little while, before sitting down.

With her daughter on her lap, rocking her back and forth.

It's one of the last moments the mom and daughter duo have captured together.

Angela Steinfurth was in court on Monday.

She was indicted on a count of obstruction of justice by a Lucas County grand jury.

She was originally arrested and charged with child endangering and could still face more criminal indictments in the future.

Family members say they are hoping the information needed to locate Elaina will be brought forth.

"Maybe her staying in jail will get her to talk sooner or later, I don't know. But somebody has to tell us something so we can find her, otherwise we're not going to," said Elaina's grandfather, Terry Steinfurth, Sr.

At this time there are no more police administered searches but volunteers continue to do their own.

There will be another community based search Tuesday morning at 10.

The search will start at the intersection of Federal and Leonard Street in east Toledo.

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