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Angela Steinfurth indicted on obstructing justice charge

Angela Steinfurth in court on Monday. Angela Steinfurth in court on Monday.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Angela Steinfurth, the mother of an 18-month-old east Toledo girl missing since June 2, was indicted on one count of obstructing justice Monday by a Lucas County Grand Jury.

Police got involved in the young girl's disappearance on the afternoon of June 2, when Elaina's father, Terry Steinfurth, showed up at a home in east Toledo to pick up the girl and her older sister. Elania's grandfather says Angela allowed their oldest to go with him, but refused to let him see Elaina. He says he persisted, and she refused.

That's when he says the children's grandfather, Terry Steinfurth Sr., arrived on scene. He says he wanted to help Terry Jr. get Elaina when Angela wouldn't give her up. Steinfurth Sr. says when he showed up, Angela told him the baby [Elaina] was napping, and she didn't want to wake her.

"I heard [Angela] inside, [crying and screaming], ‘I don't wanna give him my baby, I'll never see her again,'" he said. Eventually they talked her into letting them see the baby. "Twenty minutes later, she comes running out, [saying,] ‘The baby's not in the house, the baby's gone.'"

Steinfurth, Sr. says he and his son wanted to call the police and others to look for the child, but Angela sat down on the porch "like nothing was wrong…no tears, no nothing."

Julie says when Angela announced the baby was gone, she and her son, Steven, immediately went out the back door to begin looking in the pool, the garage, and nearby.

Steinfurth says his family, friends, even his boss, have helped him canvass the neighborhood and put up fliers, but they have seen no sign of Elaina. He says the police currently have no leads, either.

Angela told Toledo News Now she thinks the baby was kidnapped. Her boyfriend, Steven, refused to comment.

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