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Paper Cut: Plain Dealer employees hit with pink slips

Major cuts are underway at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

According to staffers, workers in six departments will be getting their pink slips soon. 

An unspecified number of employees were expected to get phone calls Wednesday evening telling them their time at the PD is done.

Former Plain Dealer employee Jack Hagan says these layoffs will hurt the whole community.
"The newspaper brings the community together, kind of a water cooler for the community. They help shape issues, bring perspective to issues. When you start cutting back like this you lose that," he said. 

Those effected include staff in Advertising, Marketing, Prepress, Finance, Information Technology and Building Services. Other departments, including HR and circulation, as well as the newsroom, will be hit in the weeks ahead. 

According to an email from the city's largest newspaper to staff, they were told this "realignment of the workforce" and "redesign of operations" are difficult but necessary.

But the SaveThePlainDealer campaign has maintained throughout this series of layoffs that these changes are devastating, not necessary, and will diminish the level of journalism the paper's readers depend on.

Terry Egger - President & Publisher, Plain Dealer Publishing Co. - released the following statement on Thursday:

In September of 2012 we announced that we would begin the process of designing the best business model that would safeguard the future of this enterprise, ensure our leadership in the market, uphold our journalistic standards and continue our mission to serve the Northeast Ohio community for years to come.
These changes require a redesign of all of our operations and will result in the realignment of our workforce.  These are difficult decisions, but are necessary.  As a result, we have laid off some employees in certain departments and we will go through a similar process later this summer.
Again, our goal in making these changes remains the same:  to ensure that we are positioned to be a viable business and remain Northeast Ohio's number one source for news and information in the ever-changing media environment.
We also look forward to sharing some exciting news about our products and our future in the coming weeks as we finalize our plans.

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