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BG schools will introduce 'Pay to Play'

The latest levy was voted down in May. The latest levy was voted down in May.
BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Aftertwo levies have failed for Bowling Green Schools, district officials say theycan't make any more cuts, so they're targeting extracurricular activities tofind more money.

Nextyear, BG students who want to play a sport are going to have to pay for it, butthe exact cost is still up in the air.

Sportsaren't the only activities that will be affected.

"Clubsand organizations, Model UN, Quiz Bowl, things along those lines, that requirea lot of additional time outside of the school day," explained SuperintendentAnn McVey.

McVeysays the extracurricular activities cost the district close to $500,000 peryear. The funding for coaches, advisors and teachers is no longer affordable,but parents don't agree.

"It'sjust ridiculous, it's crazy," said parent Crissi Spaulding, who says she'salready paid enough for her daughter to be a cheerleader. "Camp, shoes,warm-ups…I think in total it's been almost $500."

AnnaFlores has two children who play three different sports. Now she's not sure ifthey will be able to continue to play.

"Itwould be hard," she said. "Both of my kids are in sports, so I would have to dowhat I have to do."

McVeysays she's cut the budget as far as she can. The board has cut $620,000.

"Payto participate was certainly not something we used as step number one in solvinga financial crisis," she said.

Thepublic will be able to sound off at next month's school board meeting.

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