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Mewtopia Cat Rescue seeks new shelter after losing lease

(Source: Mewtopia Cat Rescue) (Source: Mewtopia Cat Rescue)

(WMC-TV) - An organization famous for rescuing cats is now in need of a rescue of its own.

Time is running out for more than 100 cats at Mewtopia Cat Rescue to find homes. Staffers at the shelter are scrambling to find another place to house its animals after losing its lease.

Mewtopia Cat Rescue has been leasing its facility on Mt Moriah Road in East Memphis since 2001. Despite asking for a 60 day extension, the rescue group must be out of the facility by July 31.

"That's not a lot of time when you are talking about homes for 100 cats," said Mewtopia Cat Rescue Director Ann Illsley, who is searching for foster families to look after the cats during the moving process. The group is also looking for people who can provide permanent homes to come in and adopt.

The rescue group has a chance to acquire a new five year lease at another facility, but final approval has been delayed. The group is now in search of a temporary shelter for its cats until that lease is finalized.

What happens if they do not find a place for the cats? That is a question Illsley is hoping they do not have to answer.

"Let's not think about that," she said. "That would be an unpleasant situation so we are going to be positive about that because we don't want to think about euthanizing all these cats."

All of the cats at Mewtopia have been spayed and given the necessary shots. All the cats need now is place to go.

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