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VIDEO: Car wedged under vehicle after driver says brakes went out

Police are investigating a wreck in Charlotte from Wednesday morning that sent a car skyward, and its driver to the hospital.
"I went to slow down for a red light and my brakes didn't work," said Vermar Smith, the driver of the car that became pinned under a Ford Contour. "The pedal went all the way to the floor."
Smith was driving a silver Infiniti when he says his brakes failed, and he slammed into a white sedan in front of him along Freedom Drive just before Toddville Road around 1 a.m..
The impact was so violent, Smith's car went under the Ford, which sent the Contour up in the air, coming down on top of the Nissan at about a 40 degree angle.
A third car also took a hit.
At first, Smith said he didn't realize what happened.
"I thought I had just hit the car.  My hood popped up and I didn't know I was under a car until I got out."
According to Smith, he rushed over to the female driver who was now dangling several feet in the air.  He wanted to wait for emergency crews to arrive, but he didn't want to leave her hanging.
"She said she was fine." said Smith.  "But we didn't want her sitting up there on top of a car because we didn't know if there was a gas leak or anything, so we helped her out."
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the woman was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with reports of an injured hip.
Freedom Drive had to be shut down for more than an hour until wrecker crews could figure out how to clear up the mess.
Smith said looking at his car gave him a sick feeling, the reason?  It was brand new.
"I hadn't even made a second payment."
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