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Swanton students raise money for park security cameras

Memorial Park Memorial Park
SWANTON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Agroup of students in Swanton say they're tired of seeing drugs and vandalism inMemorial Park, so they took it upon themselves to help police get new tools tomonitor the area.

Thegroup raised enough money for eight cameras that will give police an extra setof eyes on the park.

"Therewas a lot of smoking/drugs going on around here because it was outside of theschool," said Kirsten Truckor, a Swanton Middle School student.

Truckorand other students in a group called SEED – Students Encouraging EducatedDecisions – got together to do something about the illegal activity. They cameup with the idea for cameras, and then organized a dance, sold T-shirts, andasked local businesses for donations.

"Itshould have a big impact," said Police Chief William Talbott. "I can't thankthem enough. This is something that we talked about. With what they did, it's amuch bigger scale than what we had originally hoped for, so it's going to be ahuge help."

ChiefTalbott says the cameras will record video and be monitored 24 hours a day.

"Ithink it's really cool because we actually got to make a difference in thecommunity, and we didn't give up and went for it," Truckor said.

Thenew cameras should be up and running within the next couple months.

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