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'Suspicious envelope' found outside One Government Center

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

In the end a "suspicious package" contained food, but the Ohio Highway Patrol and Toledo Police disposed of that suspicious package that was left by a man outside One Government Center Thursday morning.

The envelope contained a magazine, plastic fork, and shredded chicken according to Sgt. Joe Heffernan of the Toledo Police Department.

The TPD bomb squad was called in and used its water cannon to dispose of that package. OHP Lt. William Bowers says they didn't want to leave anything to chance.

"When we're dealing with something like that the circumstances and how it was dropped off and the time frame, we just wanted to be safe rather than sorry" said Lt. King.

For many workers inside the building, it was another day at the office. "We were conducting business as usual, we had no idea until we took a break and went downstairs and noticed the back door was locked down," says Larry Loutzenhiser.

Others, including Mark Austin, put their full faith in authorities to handle the situation. "We were aware something was going on outside, nobody was worried or panicked. Usually the security force in the building takes these kind of things seriously and they do err on the side of caution and safety of the people inside" said Austin.

OHP says they have not been able to identify the man who left the package and determine if it was left there intentionally to scare people.

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