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Outrage in North Ridgeville after kittens are killed

Kittens before they were euthanized Kittens before they were euthanized

There is outrage in North Ridgeville over how a Humane Officer removed feral kittens from a resident's woodpile.

The five kittens were all killed on the spot in a woodpile after the homeowner had contacted North Ridgeville Police for help because the kittens were causing flea problems, a foul odor and were leaving dead animals in the yard.

Humane Officer Barry Accorti told the homeowner the kittens would be euthanized, to which she said she was fine with, but didn't make it clear that he was going to do it on the spot.

According to police, the homeowner said she felt overwhelmed due to the fact that her children were inside the residence and heard the gunshots. She urged better communication in the future.

The Director of Ohio's SPCA calls the shooting a disgrace to the entire community. "It's beyond shameful for the city to tolerate this," said Noah Turner.

Turner says Humane Officer Accorti offered an explanation before pulling the trigger. He said the shelters were full and the kittens were going to kitty heaven.

City leaders stand behind Accorti's actions and no disciplinary action will be taken.

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