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Restaurant Ratings Report: It’s all about hands

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The Lucas County Health Department says the easiest way to keep from getting sick is to keep your hands clean. Unfortunately, you can't control the cleanliness of others, especially when dining out.

This week's Restaurant Ratings Report is all about the hands. Three restaurants had violations surrounding employees' hands.

Marco's Pizza on Sylvania Avenue had two violations during its May 30 inspection. An employee was caught not only cutting peppers with no gloves on, but wearing artificial nails – which can carry a lot of dirt, as well as easily pop off.

To top it off, the peppers being cut were not pre-washed.

Over at Kassly's Kitchen on Tremainsville Road – 10 violations! The inspector on May 28 found no one washing their hands. They also eyed employees failing to properly use latex gloves prior to food preparations.

Dust and debris covered vents and coolers, and build up on the walls and floors needs attention.

Another 10 violations were noted at New Ocean Garden Buffet on West Alexis. These included prepping produce without wearing gloves, and chicken being thawed incorrectly.

The Mayflower Restaurant on Sylvania has some cleaning to do. They received four violations, including mold in the ice machine, no dates on food items, and dirty walls, floors and ceilings.

Vito's on Monroe had food labeled, but a can of anchovies was dated all the way back to March 5. They received six violations, with cleaning being marked as a top priority, mainly in the kitchen.

So where can you eat without worry? Wendy's on Monroe Street and Pajolly's on Sylvania were both violation-free.

The operations vice president of Marco's Pizza, Jock Moell, contacted us saying they immediately corrected the employee who was wearing artificial nails without gloves. He also stated that even though some of their produce comes to them pre-washed, they have made the ruling to wash all produce.

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