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TPD officers review shooting techniques

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

This week, Toledo Police officers are hitting the range for testing to make sure they are proficient in handling and shooting the guns they tote on the job every day.

It's part of a yearly, state-mandated qualification for all police officers. This year, the state has dropped some of the requirements, but TPD has opted to keep the higher standards, to keep their officers and the public safe.

"We felt it was necessary to give officers that exposure," said TPD Firearms Instructor Roger White. "Especially, like, low-level light shooting, shooting with a flash light, and things like that."

In March, the department set out to qualify every one of its more than 500 officers, incorporating new state guidelines and some of their own. Officers rand a 25-round course, shooting from the hip, from behind barricades, and shooting while moving.

"Movement is the key to survival," White said. "If we can get the officers to move and engage their targets at the same time, and hit what they're shooting at, we enhance their ability to survive."

The state dropped some requirements in order to speed up the qualification process and allow departments more time for vital training, but TPD says they don't feel they can ever have enough.

"Everything evolves," White said. "All of our techniques evolve, police techniques evolve, we learn from our mistakes. Unfortunately, many times those mistakes are deadly, and they'll cost some officers their lives."

The thought on the firing line is that practice and training are what keep officers and the people they protect safe.

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