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Parents can take UT classes at TPS

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Aneffort is underway to help parents and grandparents attend college, and theUniversity of Toledo is teaming up with Toledo Public Schools to make ithappen.

"Thegoal is to make these classes more accessible, and the university is doing thatby offering some of them off campus," said Lynne Hamer, an associate professorat UT.

TPSis working with the university and opening their doors to college students. Inthe fall, parents can take classes toward any UT major at the Leverette building.Classes in business and early childhood education will be offered throughSamuel M. Jones at Gunckel Park and the South Toledo Community Center.

Theclasses follow the TPS academic calendar, and won't cost TPS or UT anythingextra. They'll be using resources and empty classrooms that already exist.

UTrepresentatives say they hope the timing and location of these classes willmake it easier for those with children to attend, and say this could have apositive impact on kids, as well.

"Ifthese kids see their neighbors and their family members and other adults that theyknow going to college, we think that's a good way to encourage them to believethat they will go to college, as well," Hamer said.

Thosewho qualify for a Pell grant can use it toward these classes, which would makethem free or reduced cost.

Formore information, visit the program'swebsite here.

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