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Teens recovering after being shot near church festival


A 14-year old girl and a 13-year-old boy are recovering after getting shot near a Mt. Healthy church festival.

According to a police report, an unknown suspect fired four rounds into a crowd of people seated in a gazebo near the Assumption Parish Church Festival.

Police say two men were shooting at someone late Saturday night near the park around Perry and Hill Streets when the teens were hit.

"We heard the shots.  I would estimate there was five of them because it went bam, bam, bam, bam, like that.  I couldn't count that fast.  So, either four or five," said Gene Rebsch, who lives nearby.

Gene Rebsch lives just yards away from where the shooting occurred. He said the area in front of his house is a pretty busy place during the festival.

"There was people with little children going back and forth through here.  Someone could have been walking through there.  They say the shots weren't even aimed at this girl.  She was an innocent bystander," added Rebsch.

His next door neighbor, Doris Schehl, says with the festival going on, and some new safety measures like a fence and admission fee, she feels a little bit better.  But, her grandkids never go there alone.

"I'm a little bit worried, but they don't go by themselves.  Their parents will go with them.  Makes me feel a little bit better," said Doris Schehl, who also lives nearby.

Both neighbors say there have been violent incidents during the festival in years past.

"It happens every year always on a Friday or Saturday.  But by Sunday night, I guess their energy's all gone and they don't come around anymore," Rebsch told FOX19.

Police were near the area last night, and again on Sunday.  However, neighbors say sometimes, it's just not enough.

"They seem to have plenty of police, but there's always not enough.  Who knows that ahead of time?  They could have had the National Guard here and it might not have done a different thing," said Rebsch.

According to the church's website, another security measure put in place is closing the festival at 11 p.m., rather than midnight, on Friday and Saturday.

Police at the scene on Saturday said they don't think the shooters came from the festival.

The teens' injuries were not life-threatening.

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