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Don't Waste Your Money: BBB issues alert about appliance repair company

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If an appliance breaks down, most of us these days do a Google search for a local repair company and often call the first listing that pops up. But that way of handling the problem can go horribly wrong.

The Better Business Bureau has just issued an alert about an appliance repair service that does not appear to be local and may not repair your appliances at all. The BBB says it has a number of complaints about this company failing to do the job, as one Ohio woman discovered.

Icemaker Fails, Then Repairman Fails 

Holly's fridge is on the fritz. 

Holly, who asked that we not use her last name, claims she was taken for $200 by a repair company that looked local, and had a prominent paid listing that popped up first in a Google search. 

"I went online for Kitchen Aid, for products and repairs, and I was able to see that I was able to find a service man in our area," Holly said. 

The Nation's Appliance Service website had lots of appliance logos, and even a Better Business Bureau seal, so she called for service. 

"I was like, great, we have a local Kitchen Aid rep that can help take care of me," she thought. 

Holly says a man came out in an old truck, looked at her fridge, and asked for $200 for an icemaker part.

"He said that I would need to order a part, and would need to pay for a part up front, and he'd be here the next day," Holly said.   

But the next day turned into the next day, and the repairman never returned. 

Holly says the personal phone number he gave her did not work. But his bank account apparently did.

"I gave him $200. The check's already cleared, and they only take cash or check, so I'm out the money," she said.

Web forums are filled with similar complaints about the company from Florida to Texas. 

We called the phone number on the ad, as well as Nation's Appliance Services Florida headquarters, but got an answering service both times. No one called us back. 

The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning about the firm, and has slapped a "F" rating on what it believes to be its national headquarters in Fort Lauderdale after 23 recent complaints. 

How To Protect Yourself 

The Better Business Bureau warns you to:

-Always check out a company for a local street address. 

-Check their BBB rating before allowing them into your home. 

-Ideally, find someone who your neighbors have used, which is what Holly says she will do next time. 

That way you can feel comfortable with your repair company, and you don't waste your money.

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