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Judge: Passenger punched by RTA bus driver guilty of disorderly conduct

Shidea Lane in court Shidea Lane in court
Cell phone image of punch Cell phone image of punch
Cell phone image of punch Cell phone image of punch

It has been called the punch heard round the world, largely because it went viral on the Internet. Shidea Lane, the victim of the punch, was in court on her own case Tuesday for disorderly conduct on the RTA bus.

A verbal altercation turned physical on the bus in Beachwood when driver Artis Hughes stood up and punched Lane. The upper cut came after a long string of profanity between the two.

Lane came to court with her 5-year-old daughter and pleaded no contest, but without an agreement to a finding of guilt. Her attorney asked the judge to find her not guilty.

"In this case, we have a 56-year-old, 230 pound man who verbally abused my client before the altercation, and then physically abused her thereafter," Attorney Dale Friedland said.

Judge Montgomery stopped the attorney when he got into the injuries Lane suffered, reasoning that driver Hughes has already entered a plea to the punch, and Lane's case was about disorderly conduct. A charge, according to the judge, Lane was clearly guilty of.

Lane can talk about her injuries and anything else she wants when she is asked to address the probation department as the victim in Artis Hughes' case.  She will be sentenced after her own meeting with probation. 

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