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Construction to close 2 roads in Northwood

NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Amajor construction project is underway in Northwood. Two new overpasses willmake it easier to drive around the city and avoid trains.

Startingnext week, Wales Road will be closed in two places near Drouillard Road. Laterthis summer, Drouillard will also be closed.

Theoverpasses will cost about $12 million each, and will divert traffic about tworailroad tracks.

Peopleliving nearby are looking forward to a faster commute.

"Youcan guarantee a train stoppage at one of the four tracks 50 percent of thetime," said Kelley Wills.

NorthwoodCity Administrator Bob Anderson says the overpasses will help drivers get ontoI-75 faster. And Wills is hoping they will bring more traffic into the city, aswell.

"Hopefullyit will bring more traffic through here and help the community, so I think it'sa good thing," Wills said.

ODOTestimates the construction will be finished this November.

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