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Toledo Edison will give you $50 for your old refrigerator

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Residential customers of Toledo Edison, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy, can receive $50 when they choose to recycle an old, working refrigerator or freezer.

This is Toledo Edison's response to Ohio Senate Bill 221 which requires them to reduce energy consumption and peak demand for electricity.

A refrigerator built before 1990 could use up to four times as much electricity as the new Energy Star models. Toledo Edison is using the $50 as an incentive to persuade costumers to buy new freezers or refrigerators.  

Smita Khare, a Toledo Edison customer, took advantage of the program when a crew came to her home and removed an old refrigerator the previous owner had left in the garage decades ago. The crew disabled the old appliance and transported it to a local demanufacturing facility operated by JACO Environmental.

In six to eight weeks, Khare will receive $50 for recycling her old working fridge, but she will also save up to $150 in energy costs each year.

"This old fridge was still running, so we kept it plugged in for sodas and leftovers," said Khare. "Once I learned how much it costs to operate, I jumped at the chance to have it picked up and receive a $50 check."

JACO Environmental manages the recycling program for FirstEnergy's utilities. After collecting old refrigerators and freezers, the national appliance recycler transports them to a demanufacturing facility where they are safely dismantled.

"About 95 percent of these old refrigerators will be recycled for beneficial reuse. And the hazardous material will be removed properly, so it won't end up in a land fill," explained Chris Eck, with Toledo Edison.

This program is exclusively for Toledo Edison customers and scheduling a pickup is easy. Call 877-545-4112, or visit Energy Save Ohio. Appliances must be in working order when crews arrive for pick up.

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