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Curious boy finds $10,000 left inside Kansas City hotel drawer


Cody Shaefer is a curious 10-year-old who likes to look for lost money or tickets left behind.

But neither he nor his father could have ever imagined he would find $10,000 left behind in a bureau drawer at Kansas City hotel.

Gail Schaefer said she, her son and grandson were staying in the hotel for one night. She said her grandson was searching the drawers. She said her grandson has a penchant for hunting for spare change, but had never made a find like this before.

"It was crazy," she said. "He opened the desk drawer and said, 'Here's some money!'"

She and her son, Tyler, were astounded by the large amount.

"We probably sat there for an hour and thought about it because it's a lot of money. It's not like $100, you know," she said, laughing. "We didn't want to turn it into the front desk because I wanted to make sure that if it's someone who needs it gets it."

After deciding they couldn't keep it, they called the authorities. Two off-duty officers were working security at the hotel. They took the cash and contacted an on-duty supervisor.

According to a police report, officers went to the Hilton Hotel at 8801 NW 112th St. just before 11 p.m. Saturday.

The hotel has a name for the woman who occupied the room but no telephone number for her.

No one has come forward yet to claim the money. The Kansas City Police Department is depositing the money in a bank. If no one claims it, the department will give the money to the state. There is a long-shot chance that the Schaefers will get to keep it, but most likely it will become Missouri tax dollars.

One theory is that the money was gained through illicit means, which is why the owner hasn't come forward.

The Schaefers live in Rapid City, SD. Most of their friends and family believe they did the right thing, but at least one person questioned their sanity.

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