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DeSoto County encourages residents to report storm damage

(WMC-TV) - DeSoto County experienced an average of 4.3 inches of rain in a 24 hour period during the storms Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Nearly 80 homes and 15 businesses reported some kind of weather-related damage. That number is expected to rise.

The county wants its residents to report any damage caused to their homes by the recent storms and subsequent flooding. Reporting the damage could help the county receive federal assistance. There is not an exact threshold needed to receive financial help, but the likelihood rises with the number of reports.

"We'll take that report and we'll direct it to the state of Mississippi and the state will take that report and decide if there's enough damage to go ahead and ask for the federal," said DeSoto EMA Deputy Director Chris Olson.

At the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors meeting Wednesday, EMS requested two declarations from the board. They asked for DeSoto County to declare to the State of Mississippi, as well as to ask the governor for help from the government or Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA).

Volunteer search and rescue workers and firemen have been conducting damage assessments to personal property. They will continue to assess the damage until all property has been visited.

"There may be some remote areas that we're not aware of where people experienced water damage and we want that documented as part of our declaration of emergency," said DeSoto County Supervisor Mark Gardner.

If you have experienced damage due to the recent flooding, DeSoto County asks that you call the number below that best suits your situation:

  • DeSoto County: 662-429-1359 (Emergency Management Services)
  • Hernando: 662-429-9092 (Julie Harris, mayor's office)
  • Horn Lake: 662-781-1157 ext. 2 or 3 (City/Fire Department Emergency Management)
  • Southaven: 662-393-7466 (Fire Department Administration)
  • Olive Branch: 662-892-9201 (Mayor's Office)
  • Walls: Call the county number 662-429-1359

"It's up to the FEMA to decide how long it will be if or when the county receives assistance," said Mark Gardner, District 2 supervisor. "This is not a big event to them, but it is to us."

"Roads flooded, then subsided and the surge moved onward, causing more road closures down the way. Some residents told me they had never seen flooding like this in over 35 years," added Lee Caldwell, District 4 supervisor.

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