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19 Action News Investigation: Cleveland firefighter still lives in CA

A 19 Action News investigation has found a Cleveland firefighter is still living in California -- more than a year after outrage over his out of  state address.

City Hall confirms firefighter Joseph Coneglio is still living in San Diego, and we also found new reason to ask is he playing the system?

Since we broke the story of three out of state firefighters in 2011, we've seen a big investigation into a pay scandal, council hearings, even a new law about where city firefighters can live.

Yet nothing has changed with Joseph Coneglio.

Taxpayers can't believe it. Still no move to Cleveland. One told us, "That seems a little strange. Really strange."

The earlier outrage led Councilman Kevin Conwell to make sure any new firefighters hired live near the city. This news makes him angry.

"I implemented the law because of this guy. Matter of fact, you could name the law after this guy," said Conwell.

And now this too. We've found Coneglio was off on injury leave from July of 2011 to January 2012. He came back for a day, then he went off on restricted duty 8 more months. He came back to work for a few weeks, and he's been off on injury leave ever since.

"Now he's playing games. We can't have him playing games. This is serious. Matter of fact, its the people's money," added Councilman Conwell. 

City Hall has said Coneglio has had others work for him, and then he'd come into town and furiously work for others.

13 firefighters just got indicted for how they traded shifts, but not Coneglio.

One other firefighter lived in Pennsylvania and one in Kentucky. One of them retired and the other has been on sick leave planning to retire.

The union has said Coneglio lives in San Diego for his family. 

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