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Whirlpool executive: No scientific evidence Whirlpool played part in Clyde Cancer Cluster

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Investigation into the cause of the Clyde Cancer Cluster continues. Jeff Noel, vice president of communications for Whirlpool Corporation, answered some questions, as well as touched on some of the issues the company has been facing.

On Monday, Whirlpool started collecting soil samples at Whirlpool Park in Green Springs. The park has been one of the focal points of two lawsuits filed against the company, saying it contributed to people getting cancer.

Jeff Noel touched on many topics in an interview with Jonathan Walsh, from recent lawsuits filed against Whirlpool, to Benzaldehyde being found in the attics of homes in Clyde, and questions of dumping on Whirlpool's property.

Noel says there is no scientific evidence to back up allegations that Whirlpool played a part in the Clyde Cancer Cluster.

He says Benzaldehyde is not used in the company's core manufacturing process and he did not have any information that Benzaldehyde was a byproduct in burning waste materials.

According to Noel, the company does not know why PCBs were found at the former Whirlpool Park. He says there have been many company and construction projects in the past that may have led to dumping on the property.

"We stay grounded in the facts. Let's make sure that the science itself can be processed, will basically allow for the right conclusions to be drawn based upon science and the facts, and that we're not blaming anybody. Whirlpool Corporation's a part of this community, and looks forward to being part of this community, and looks forward to helping find the facts and information that we are all looking for," said Noel.

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