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Chrysler delays production of Cherokee

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A minor bump in the road at Chrysler's Toledo Assembly Complex - production of the new 2014 Jeep Cherokee there is being delayed.

Chrysler told the Detroit Free Press it will be pushed back from the third week in May to mid-June.

Chrysler rolled out the new Cherokee to rave reviews in March in New York City. It will replace the Jeep Liberty.

"That car has got a lot of hype," said Michael Barchick, general manager at Charlie's Dodge in Maumee. "Lots of good press. We're excited to get it." 

But Chrysler tells the Free Press it's delaying the rollout because of a wide range of issues. The automaker cites changes in the assembly line process, and calibration of a 9-speed transmission.

Chrysler also says dealers will have enough Cherokees to sell by fall.

"The good news is if they have an issue and are concerned with it," Barchick said. "Better to get it fixed, make launch go perfect, as opposed to having a problem thereafter."

One thousand new workers are being hired to build the Cherokee.

Toledo City Council Finance Committee Chairman George Sarantou says the month delay will result in an estimated payroll tax decrease of $60,000.

"The workforce there is going to continue to be there," Sarantou said. "We're talking about new jobs. That's why the effect will be very minimal to our revenue."

He added that when the Cherokee line is up and running, the city should see a payroll tax boom of $2 million.   

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