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Does It Work: Turbie Twist

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Ladies, we found a product with some big guarantees. How would you like to spend less time with your blow dryer? That's just what the Turbie Twist promises, but does it work?

Lisa Harst has plenty on her plate. The mom of two young boys is one of the founders of a local branding development company, plus she writes a popular blog about motherhood called Moms in Heels. She makes a perfect candidate to test the Turbie Twist, which says it stays in place and cuts down on blow drying time. 

Harst says if it can deliver on those promises she would use it.

"Ya, that would be awesome. It says less blow drying? I'll take it!" said Harst.

The box promises it's as easy as one, two, three, but the product itself takes a little getting used to. After figuring it out, Harst has the Turbie Twist in place in a snap.

"It's not really tight, but it feels secure," said Harst.

She does confirm it seems to hold better than a towel.

The real test for Harst is keeping up with her boys. After running around for a bit, she compares it to a towel, as far as staying power.

"I think it stayed a lot better. I'm always having to bend down to pick something up, or lean over, or pick up Braxton, or get something," said Harst. "Towels can be so annoying, even sometimes I have to put my shirt on over my towel that's already on my head and a towel is so big, that never works. So just the convenience of it being so small. And it is nice, it has that loop in the back to hold it tight so if you are running around and you don't get to blow dry your hair - which never happens right away - it's easy to have it on."

But what about the claim it makes your hair dry faster?

"That's tough to say. I don't think there was a huge difference. I'm not like, 'Oh, that definitely made my hair dryer.' I don't necessarily think so," said Harst.

The final grade?

"I guess I would probably say a 'B,'" said Harst.

The $9.99 Turbie Twist wraps up a passing grade in this does it work test.

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