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Perrysburg Schools fight bullying

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Bullyingis a big problem for students of all ages, but Perrysburg Schools are takingsteps to make sure their students don't become another statistic.

Schoolofficials say the district has dealt with 40 cases of bullying so far thisyear, but Frank Elementary Principal Brent Swartzmiller says the numbers don'ttell the whole story. That number is consistent with what they've seen in previousyears.

"Whatwe want to know, looking at that 40, is: Are those repeat incidents?" he said. "Howdo we respond in those situations?"

Swartzmilleris certified to train other teachers in the district how to spot and stopbullying. He conducts yearly surveys and weekly classroom meetings withstudents and teachers about what they're seeing.

"Bullyingoccurs in every culture, in every society, at ever age," he said. "It's ourduty then to make those opportunities for growth."

Perrysburgparents say they're happy with the program.

"Iguess ideally you'd like zero, but that's in a perfect world," said ElizabethLang. "I think 40 is great. The school district is huge, there are severalelementary, junior and high schools, and to only have 40 is great."

Swartzmillersays he doesn't expect the district to ever see zero bullying cases, but aslong as students continue to raise their hand and speak up, they can stopbullies.

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