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UT faculty question their job security

The board of trustees meeting. The board of trustees meeting.
TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The University of Toledo ispreparing a plan to make millions of dollars' worth of budget reductions.

The university's board oftrustees hasn't released specifics of the plan, but they did say their primaryfocus is on meeting student needs.

The board met on Monday todiscuss how to deal with $14-17 million in budget reductions that will kick inthis July.

UT President Dr. LloydJacobs has said the budget shortfall was the result of depreciation, butFaculty Senate President Linda Rouillard says in the past it was said a declinein enrolment and a reduction in salary recapture from $10 million to $8 millionwas partially to blame.

Now one faculty membersays she will protest what she says are the university's questionablepriorities.

Sharon Barns says she'sseen funding cuts in her department's sexual assault and drug programs, and she'shoping her job isn't on the chopping block.

"I think that there isalways concern," Barns said. "More likely, where we will see it in ourdepartment is in department funds rather than the faculty lines."

So far, the university hasfound $8 million in savings. One recommendation made to the board is tosacrifice capital expenditure, or future projects, in order to meet studentneeds. That leaves some faculty members hopeful that their jobs are secure.

"Given what the faculty'srole is in the university, investing in faculty is also investing in students,"said Rouillard.

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