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Ole Miss students test possible Picasso collages

(WMC-TV) - Art students at Ole Miss have a mystery on their hands. They have two collages that could be from Picasso, and they are, they could be worth millions.

Ole Miss students are busy testing two pieces that could have been done by Pablo Picasso and Juan Gris, two famous artists from the 1900s. If the collages are a match, they could be worth between $20 million and $30 million.

"You sneeze the wrong way, you brush up against it, anything like that can be really, really nervewracking," said student Caleb Ezell.

Signature patterns appear to be similar and newspaper clippings in the collages reflect what would have been going on in the time period. The students and professors at Ole Miss are testing to find out if there could be a match.

"What we're trying to do today is to figure out the relationship between the two pieces," said Gregory Heyworth, Ole Miss Lazarus Project. "We think that they're linked. We think that Juan Gris and Picasso had collaborated on these pieces."

The owners of the artwork had the pieces driven to Ole Miss from Florida for the tests.

Caleb Ezell feels honored to be able to touch paintings that could be a part of history.

"Before this there was probably less than 100 people who had actually seen these collages and to be a part of it is amazing," he said.

Even after Monday's work, it could take awhile before students learn the results of their tests.

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