Toledo city council could decide salary increases for mayor - News, Weather, Sports, Toledo, OH

Does the mayor of Toledo deserve a raise?

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The issue of potential salary increases for the offices of mayor and Toledo City Council could be decided Tuesday.

Councilman Mike Collins says he hopes for a vote at Tuesday's Council meeting on the recommendations, which call for increasing salaries for future mayors and City Council members.

Every four years the city puts together a seven-member Salary Review Commission. This time, the panel recommends increasing the mayor's salary to $136,000, effective next year. It also recommends increasing Council members' pay to $32,500 effective next year for the at-large Council seats and in 2016 for the district seats.

Collins says while he is not in favor of increasing those salaries, he believes Council should vote up or down out of respect to those who served on the Salary Review Commission.

"I do not support this for many reasons, but I do not discredit the work that went into it either. But I do think it is worthy of having a decision tomorrow," said Collins.

Council could decide to leave the proposal in committee if no vote is taken by June 1. The salaries for the mayor and Council members will stay the same for another four years.

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