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Support available for domestic violence victims

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It's called a "silent crime," but Friday the community worked to draw attention and put an end to domestic violence.

A forum brought dozens of people together, partly to inform victims of the support network that's available to them.

"The community is banding together, and we're going to solve this issue as a whole," said Casandra Durfey, program coordinator at the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center.

Victims, along with their friends and family, stopped by the forum. Durfey says letting women know that help is out there can make all the difference.

"A victim who has support, whether it be the advocates in the court system, or whether it's just their family at home, they have a less likelihood to undergo re-abuse," she said.

One victim said getting out is a process she couldn't have done alone.

"When I got out, I went to the nearest gas station. It's that fear of, ‘Okay, well now I'm out. Now what?'" she said. "The advocates have helped me through the court system and all that other stuff…It's like having a backbone while the rest of you is not sure what else to do."

Durfey says support is available no matter what stage of the process you're in.

"These people have their hearts, their souls and their minds in it, and that is how hard we will fight to help individuals that are going through it," she said.

If you are struggling with abuse or know someone who is, call the national hotline at 800-799-SAFE (800-799-7233).

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