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City warning property owners to cut tall grass, or pay for it

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Property owners in Toledo who forget to cut their grass will have it cut by city crews, and then pay for the service.

The city's new grass policy went into effect last year, and the city is sending out a general notice, warning property owners that grass and weeds 8 inches or taller will be cut by crews. Property owners will then be billed by way of a special assessment.

Tracy Bishop applauds the get-tough policy.

"They really need to so we don't have to look at stuff like this. It's not fair to home owners who are taking care of their property," says Bishop. 

Bishop says she knows a neighbor who got billed by the city and is glad they did.

"Last year they got a $175 citation. They went and cut their grass and charged them for it. I think they should," says Bishop. 

Toledo's Neighborhood Beautification Action program has a $1.3 million budget this year, which includes paying for crews cutting grass on vacant lots. Last year, those crews mowed more than 5,000 parcels.

While it's unknown how much money the city has collected from tall grass citations, Councilman Mike Craig says that money can be collected one way or another.

"If it's a decent house and the property taxes start to build up on it, let's have the land bank look into taking that," said Craig. 

Craig supports the new policy, which allows city crews to focus on entire neighborhoods at one time, instead of waiting for complaints to come in before mowing tall grass.

"I think it's a good approach because they're paying plenty of attention to every district," says Craig.

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