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Perrysburg transit is back with levy

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

It's been a long, hard battle for the Go Perrysburg team, but they finally got the voter approval for a public transportation levy.

For the past few months, those that rely on public transportation in Perrysburg have been without a ride. Instead, they've had to depend on others to get around, but that's going to change soon.

"When I was a senior in high school, I was in a bad car accident and I hurt my brain, so now I don't have peripheral vision, so I can't drive a car," explained Derek O'Neal.

O'Neal is just one example of a resident who relies on public transportation. He's needed volunteers to take him to and from work for the last several months.

"I'm disabled, I can't drive, so [Ride Right] helped me remain independent," O'Neal said. "Then it got voted out and I thought, ‘Man, Perrysburg residents kicked me in the shins, make me have to take a giant step backwards from independence.'"

Last year, voters decided to eliminate TARTA services in Perrysburg. In November, they said no to a 1.45 mill levy that would have replaced TARTA, so city council place a 0.8 mill levy on the May ballot. It passed.

"From a humanitarian perspective, there's a lot of people who need it," said Councilmember Todd Grayson. "I have elderly friends in the community, I have disabled friends in the community – they need this."

Grayson says Ride Right should be back in full swing in 2-3 weeks. For now, it will be a Dial-a-Ride kind of service, which will pick up and drop off residents within city limits. It will also stop at two TARTA connection points in Maumee and Rossford.

"We can modify the routes, we can modify the times – these are all things we didn't have before – and at a third of the cost," Grayson said.

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