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Lourdes University to cut $1 million

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Lourdes University joins the list of schools making cuts.

The school is cutting $1 million from its 2013-2014 budget. Officials say the loss of revenue, due to a 5 percent decrease in enrolment the last three semesters, has the university working hard to balance its budget.

"Lourdes University is a small, private Catholic institution, and so we don't get the funds that you would at a state institution," said Interim Superintendent Janet Robinson. "We really do rely on our enrolment."

Lourdes has already cut $1.5 million from its current $31 million budget. Now they are preparing for next year's shortfall by making further cuts.

"We've been looking at our budget this whole year, trying to make cuts across departments, trying to leave positions vacant, but as we look to the 13-14 year, we think it's wise to think about making cuts in terms of personnel so that we can bring in a balanced budget," Robinson explained.

The university has a 3-point plan. It includes offering a voluntary separation/buy-out package, a 1 percent salary reduction for faculty and staff, and a 3 percent salary reduction for administration. The reductions will take effect July 1. There may also be up to eight layoffs.

"We tried again to make cuts to have the least negative effect on our students," Robinson said. "We looked at our mission, we looked at our strategic plan, we looked at our students, and we also looked at our employees, to do the best we could for all of them."

Robinson says she believes Lourdes will see an increase in enrolment for first-time undergraduate students this fall.

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