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Murder victim's family looking for answers

Carl Acoff, a member of the transgender community (Source: family) Carl Acoff, a member of the transgender community (Source: family)

Carl Acoff's family is breathing a sigh of relief, now that the suspected killer has been caught and is behind bars.

Olmsted Township Police say the victim was a member of the transgender community. And now that there's a suspect behind bars, police and Acoff's family want answers about the motive for the murder.

Despite recent heartbreak over her cousin's murder, Nicole Cantie is happy tonight.

"I'm glad they got a suspect in custody," said Cantie.

She says the whole Acoff family is finally relieved.

"It came at the perfect time because we're preparing to bury him tomorrow morning.  And when we got the call and they said they had a suspect in custody.  We were overjoyed.  We are happy," said Cantie.

Now that 36-year-old Andre Bridges has been arrested for the murder of the 20-year-old, loved ones of the victim want to know what would've brought Bridges to do such a thing.

They don't believe the two knew each other.

"We questioned some of the friends.  But we still can't understand why," Cantie said.

Acoff's body was found in a retention pond on McKenzie Road in Olmsted Township. Cantie fears her cousin was a victim of a hate crime.

"He went to that extreme to do had already killed him with the stab wounds, with the knife. But then to go to that much trouble as to put a cement block on him and dumping his body in a pond. That was too much," she said.

But even with someone now arrested for the murder, Cantie isn't so sure Acoff will ever truly rest in peace.

Memorial services are schedule for Monday at 10 a.m., at the Temple Baptist Church on Noble Road in East Cleveland.

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