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Liberty Center Schools seek voter approval for new building

LIBERTY CENTER, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A major change could be on the way for the Liberty Center School District: A brand new K-12 building.

Before that can happen, voters will have to approve a bond issue in November.

Superintendent Kristi Thompson says the building they are in now is in such bad shape that regular repairs and maintenance issues are having a negative impact on learning.

"We're having issues with our water pipes," Thompson said. "We've had a gas leak this year. Our roofs are not in good condition, and we don't have air conditioning in the elementary, and the rooms get extremely hot…It becomes not an educationally-sound place for kids to learn."

So the district is looking into building a new school. The total cost is expected to be a little over $40 million, but if voters approve a levy, the district will only have to pay about 36 percent of that. The rest would be paid for by the state.

Lisa Ackerman  has children in Liberty Center Schools, and says she's seen some of the issues with the building, and wouldn't mind paying a bit more in taxes for a new building.

"Go ahead and do it, if people allow it," Ackerman said. "I think they need a new one."

Plans are still in the early stages now, but Thompson says she's confident this is the right decision for the district.

"Having a structure where it's conducive to learning, and learning in the 21st century, is really important and vital to the community," she said.

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