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North Baltimore students to use phones, tablets in school

NORTH BALTIMORE, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Next week, students at North Baltimore High Schools will be given permission to use their personal electronic devices in school.

Students will be allowed to use their smart phones, tablets or e-readers for two weeks, with restrictions. The catch is: they can only be used for educational purposes.

Like many schools across the country, North Baltimore is looking into adding digital technology into their curriculum.

"We want to be contenders in the world of education, and we feel like we need to move ahead and make sure our students are equipped with the things that we need," said Superintendent Marlene North. "And we're hopefully allowing them to use their own devices so that we don't have to provide the hardware for that to happen."

No social media use will be allowed on the devices, and areas within the school will be color-coded for use: green for free use, yellow for use with permission, and red for no use at all.

"We're truly counting on our students to make those good educational choices, so that they can utilize that equipment that they're so familiar with," North said.

Students said they are excited with the news.

"I think it's a good idea, because it kind of gives you access to other options when computers and everything aren't available," said Senior Alison Flores.

At the end of the test period, teacher will debrief with administration on how the program went, what they feel worked, and what needs improved. They will then begin developing their digital curriculum that could be integrated as early as next school year.

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