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Limberios’ parents to protest another exhumation

Limberios' grave site Limberios' grave site
Jake Limberios with his daughter Jake Limberios with his daughter
SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A local family says they should not have to see their son disinterred again, but Wednesday morning, the body of 19-year-old Jake Limberios is scheduled to be exhumed.

His parents, Mike and Shannon, have been highly critical of how Sandusky County officials have handled Limberios' case. To protest, Mike is planning to lay on top of his son's grave.

"This just all feels in vain, to go through this, and it's going to be inconclusive because there's nothing to see," Shannon said.

She and her husband had their son's body exhumed last September, and hired famed forensic pathologist Cyril Wecht to do an autopsy. They don't believe Jake's shooting death in March 2012 was an accidental suicide, as it was ruled.

Dr. Wecht determined there was no gunpowder residue in Jake's head wound, proof that he could not have fired the shot.

Now Limberios' parents want investigators to use part of Wecht's sample, instead of exhuming the body again.

"We've asked for that," Mike Limberios said. "There's no paperwork. They're coming in here as grave robbers and taking our son out of the ground tomorrow."

Mike will lay down across his son's grave in protest Wednesday morning. Family and friends will be present, as well.

Special Prosecutor Dean Henry said the exhumation must go on, since Wecht indicated it could be a homicide.

"It's a horrible thing to do," Henry said. "I don't take any pleasure in this at all."

The family says their protest will be peaceful, but Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth plans to be at the cemetery to make sure.

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