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La Salle HS's swift response to shooting


While La Salle school officials and investigators look into how Monday's tragic incident may have been prevented, they will also review their own response and how they handled the situation in the minutes and hours that followed.

The incident happened at 9:07 a.m. Monday during an honors-level leadership class. 

The entire school was put on lockdown as police were sent to the school and dispatchers gathered what they could from multiple callers inside the building.

"If you can just get the word to them that we need them to make a broadcast ‘everyone remain in their rooms,'" a 911 dispatcher can be heard asking a teacher.

"I will do that," the teacher responded in the 911 call.

Another school employee's phone conversation captured the critical moments as administrators began putting their safety plan in place and police arrived at the school.

"He came flying in here and he said ‘Lockdown call 911 right now' and he got on the PA and said ‘Everyone we're on lockdown at this moment,'" the caller told the dispatcher.

"The safety plan was followed today. When the shooting took place students were immediately locked down and 911 was immediately called," Dr. Jim Rigg, Superintendent of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, told reporters.

The school's safety plan was reviewed by Green Township police in December and updated with the Ohio Attorney General's office in February.

"Every school is required to file the same type of report and have a safety plan and LaSalle did," Attorney General Mike DeWine told FOX19. 

At around 10 a.m. parents were notified by email.

"Our number one priority was the safety of the students in the building and until that had occurred we are not going to move to communication," Director of Community Development Greg Tankersley said Monday afternoon.

While the initial response phase moved quickly, the investigation will take time.

"We do not know how he brought the gun in at this time," said Green Township Police Chief Bart West.

Hamilton County Sheriff Jim Neil called in the explosive detection K9 teams to sweep the school Monday as a precaution although Green Township police emphasized they believe this was an isolated incident and do not anticipate recovering any weapons.

They do not have metal detectors at La Salle, but school officials say students do have to keep their backpacks in their lockers during the day.

The school says Green Township officers usually walk through the school during the school day and say they will have extra officers on the property on Tuesday. 

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