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Gibsonburg Schools ask for levy for first time in 19 years

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

There are 141 school levies that will appear on ballots across Ohio next Tuesday. One of them is in Gibsonburg.

Voters there will decide on an earned income tax. The Gibsonburg School District hasn't come to the voters for help since 1994, but school leaders say they hope voters will support the 1 percent income tax.

"We haven't had an operating levy in 19 years," said Superintendent Tom Peiffer. "That's just unheard of."

The district has lost $1.4 million in state funding in recent years. Now they are asking for a 10-year, 1 percent earned income tax.

"We thought the idea of an earned income tax [because] our senior citizens – their pension wouldn't be taxed, their investments wouldn't be taxed," Peiffer said. "And for our agriculture community, they bare such a large burden right now – we're trying to do something that would make it fair."

Peiffer says the district has been doing its part. They have downsized over the past seven years, letting go of more than 20 administrators. He says any more cuts would be detrimental to the district.

"We've already made a lot of our cuts," he said. "There's really nowhere we can go now, other than to the voters, because the State of Ohio is simply taking that money away from us."

If approved, the levy would generate almost $1 million a year. Peiffer says that money would replace revenue they've lost. No new programs would be funded, the district needs the money to just maintain their current programs.

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