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Toledo to host gun buyback in June

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

The City of Toledo, along with the Mayor's Coalition of Hope, is planning to host a cash-for-guns event in early June.

Deputy Mayor Shirley Green says details will be announced at a later date, but she believes the community discussion stirred up from such an event is priceless.

"The guns that come into these gun buybacks aren't the type of weapons we're truly looking for from criminals," she said. "However, it's always a good thing to talk about gun safety and it's always a good thing to get weapons off the street."

The last time Toledo held a gun buyback was in 2003, and in one day 131 weapons were turned in for $50 per working gun.

Councilman Joe McNamara, when holding a press conference to urge the administration to host a gun buyback, was pleased to find out it's in the works.

"That's great," he said. "This is not just about reducing violence and criminals that are using guns, it's also about reducing the number of unwanted guns and providing a service."

A recent report from the National Institute for Justice points to gun buybacks as being ineffective, but Former Block Watch Director Michael Dearth says you can point to cases where a crime was committed with a stolen gun.

 "People who own guns that really don't want them or need them or plan on using them for anything, if they would sell these guns back, it's less likely someone can break into their house and steal that weapon and use it in another crime," Dearth said.    

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