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Gun found in Evergreen student’s car

Evergreen High School Evergreen High School
FULTON COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

An Evergreen High School student is facing possible expulsion after a gun was found in his vehicle.

Officials say they think the student accidentally left the in his car. They say when the 17-year-old got to school, he must have realized he had the gun, and tried to hide it under the car seat. Someone saw him doing that, though, and the Fulton County Sheriff's Office was called to investigate.

According to officials, two guns were found that could be used for hunting.

"We live in an agricultural community, and kids do go hunting," said Superintendent Jim Wyse. "That's part of the culture. But at the same time, our students know not to bring guns to school. They can't have them anywhere on the campus, and it's a very serious offense and we do need to take the appropriate action."

No threats were ever made by the student, and he did not bring a gun inside the school, but he has been arrested and faces suspension, as well as a possible expulsion.

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