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Adrian schools design customized iPad app for students

ADRIAN, MI (Toledo News Now) -

Onelocal school district is turning to technology to enhance learning.

Severaldistricts are working to get iPads in the hands of their students, but AdrianPublic Schools is taking that idea to the next level. They've been working withstudents and app developers to come up with a program tailored specifically totheir district, and to their students' and teachers' needs.

Studentswill be able to do homework, take quizzes, view documents, and even see acalendar with due dates – all through the new app.

"Thisisn't just something that a programmer is sitting back writing," saidSuperintendent Chris Timmis. "This is something that our students and our staffare helping the programmers write, so it fits schools."

Fundingfor the iPads comes from a Federal School Improvement grant.

Allstudents in the district will get their own iPad this fall.

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