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Does It Work: Grout Bully

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In the spring time, a lot of people think about home repair. Makers of Grout Bully say the product promises to clean, renew and redesign grout on contact, but does it work?

The box comes with one container of Bully solution and two sponges.

The premise is to apply the solution over your old, dirty grout lines and let it dry for two minutes, then wipe away the excess.

Right away, it's clear gravity isn't your friend, especially along horizontal grout lines. Both sponges will have to be put to use.

Pressure is paramount and practice makes perfect to separate a clean line from a milky white mess, including a few unwanted bubbles at times. Once you get the hang of it, there's definitely a noticeable difference in the look of the grout.

If most people who purchase the Grout Bully are not professionals, the product certainly does the job, although it may not be up to professional standards. The fact of the matter is the Grout Bully does what it says it is going to do: It improves the look of the grout that's already there. It also does it for less than $10, which is why we have to give the Grout Bully a "yes" on this Does It Work test.

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