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Mayor Bell opposes proposed red light camera ban

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Toledo Mayor Mike Bell was in Columbus Tuesday to testify against the proposed ban on red light cameras.

Three Ohio legislators have drafted House Bill 69, which would prohibit the use of traffic law photo-monitoring devices. The same cameras have been ticketing Toledo drivers since 2000.

The public is divided on whether they think the cameras are a good idea or not. "I think they're good in the sense that they slow down speeders," said Veronica Woodson, a north Toledo resident. "I think that it's also negative because some of them are faulty."

The legislators that drafted House Bill 69 say the cameras are strictly moneymakers, and offenders can't address their accusers. The cameras are projected to bring in over $4 million for the city in 2013, but Mayor Bell cited safety as the number one reason they should stay.

"What the cameras have shown, and what has been proven since they have been installed, we have seen a change in driving behavior of citizens as they pass through those intersections," said Shirley Green, deputy mayor of public safety.

In 2007, a bill was introduced to restrict red light camera use. They've even been challenged in the Ohio Supreme court.

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